Steps to Achieve Wealth

A Defined Purpose Helps Build Wealth:

The first step for you to build your wealth is to have a definite purpose. And this must be supported by a burning desire to fulfill it. This is important because many people get confused.

These people believe that their purpose is to have a lot of money. In fact, if I asked how many want a million dollars, everyone would stand up. But if I tell you what you have to do to win it, many would flee.

What I want to tell you is that wanting to have money is never enough motivation. If so, they would all be millionaires. On the other hand, having a purpose that is stronger than all difficulties is a motivation.

Let me tell you something. Everything that the mind can conceive and believe can be achieved. Poverty and wealth are the results of your thinking. And both depend on how strong your purpose is.

A Defined Plan Brings You To The Wealth:

The second step to achieve wealth is to have a defined plan. As they say out there, it is worth dreaming. But this is only achieved through continuous action. Do not “paint birds in the air”.

That continuous action means taking simple steps, but start with something. Because a one-mile road begins with a simple step. But you must be disciplined to not get tired or stuck on the road.

That burning desire of which I spoke to you before does not know the word “impossible”. Nor does he accept failure. On the contrary, it leads you to reach the goal and success. And it makes you demand yourself to achieve what you propose.

That desire leads you to promise to execute the action. And to look at each adversity, failure or anguish as that cloud that carries with it the seed of a greater benefit. To believe that this benefit will come.

Focus On Generating Wealth And You Will Get It:

The third step to generate wealth is to have a focused mind. Because only then can you avoid consumerism. And a high lifestyle that would only lead you to spend more. Focusing helps you to have a low profile.

In addition, it is useful to combat the negative influence of other people. Or of advertising. They just want you to buy, spend and see. When what you must do is build your wealth.

In the book “The millionaire next door” talks about this topic. It is said that millionaires, perhaps, live in your same neighborhood. But they have 10 times more income than you. That is, they spend the same, but they do have money left over.

Being focused also refers to another important issue. Wealth and happiness are only achieved if you feel abundant when you work or fight for your money. If you get distracted, you may end up attracting the opposite.

Seal an Alliance with Your Wealth:

The fourth step to obtain your wealth is to seal an alliance. Do as if you were marrying your purpose. As if that alliance was the watchdog that reminded you of your commitment.

So you can keep yourself in purpose, plan and action. You can feel attracted to the goal. As if she were a magnet. Now, that requires you to be brave, because you must do what others have not done to have what they have not had.

On that path there are things that could be a temptation. Like disappointment or laziness. Even, illegality. But, tell me, why do it wrong if it can be done well and easily? The most important thing is that, whatever happens, you can always sleep peacefully.

Always bear in mind that those who abandon the battle never win. And that a winner never leaves the court. Then, make the decisions that you should take, execute them and, something vital: listen to the consequences.

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