4 Steps to Build Your Wealth

1. Have a Defined Purpose
The first step for you to build your wealth is to have a definite purpose . And this must be supported by a burning desire to fulfill it. Everything that the mind can conceive and believe can be achieved. Poverty and wealth are the results of your thinking. And both depend on how strong your purpose is.

2. Have a Defined Plan
The second step to achieve wealth is to have a defined plan . That continuous action means taking simple steps, but start with something. But you must be disciplined to not get tired or stuck on the road.
This burning desire does not know the word “impossible”. Nor does he accept failure.

3. Have an Focused Mind
Only with a focused mind can you avoid consumerism . And a high lifestyle that would only lead you to spend more. Focusing helps you to have a low profile. It is useful to combat the negative influence of other people or advertising. They just want you to buy, spend and see. When what you must do is build your wealth.

4. Seal Your Alliance With Wealth
The fourth step to obtain your wealth is to seal an alliance . Do as if you were marrying your purpose. You can feel attracted to the goal. As if she were a magnet. That demands that you be brave. Beware of temptations. Those who abandon the battle, never win. And a winner never abandons.

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